Keep Connected

Utilizing social sharing sericves allows your customers to refer your business easily. They just need to touch their devices's screen in app and it will allow them to send a text, a file, or a URL (or all three) via the native sharing widget of their device. This will enable them to quickly refer you, your sales, your coupons, and your app through their social networking services, or phone's email program.

But it gets even better. Your customers will also be able to share your coupons, newsletters, and product descriptions. We can store such infomation off their phone on a server so we can change the content every month, or every week, allowing them to share each change with the same click of a button. We can use your server and you can post the updates, or we can do it for you with our server by adding the "content" option to your app package.

Ultilizing the above methods, you can easily incorporate your customer into your advertising strategy. Statistics show that referral business increase your sales conversion rates better than any other means.